Other Sweets

These "Other Sweets" are perfect for serving on dessert tables.  You can also show your guests your appreciation with packaged take-away favors.  Packaging and customized ribbon colors are extra.



There is a 2 dozen minimum order for cookies and each dozen is priced at $24. These are the biggest crowd-pleasers, but fix-ins and flavors can be changed to your liking. 


Specialty Cookies

French Macarons 

French Macarons are $30/dozen with a 2 dozen minimum order per color/flavor.  All macarons are gluten-free and made with almond flour.

  • Vanilla Bean (ivory shell, vanilla bean buttercream)
  • Caramel (tan shell, caramel butter)
  • Raspberry (pink shell, raspberry jam)
  • Blueberry (purple shell, blueberry buttercream and blueberry preserves)
  • Green Tea (green shell, green tea buttercream)
  • Chocolate Basil (green shell, basil ganache)
  • Lemon (yellow shell, lemon buttercream)
  • Black Sesame (grey shell, black sesame buttercream)
  • Cinnamon (brown shell, cinnamon buttercream)

Macaron favor boxes hold 5 pieces.  Favors are $13 per box with an order minimum of 2 dozen boxes. 


Sugar Cookies

Sugar cookies decorated with royal icing start at $33/dozen with a 1 dozen minimum order per design.  There may be an up-charge for unique shapes or cookie cutters that need to be custom-ordered. 


...On Sticks

Cookie pops, pie pops, and cake pops start at $30/dozen.  For cake pops, +$3 per dozen for ribbon or decorations and +$6 per dozen for both ribbon and decorations. 

1 dozen minimum order per design for cookie pops.  2 dozen minimum order per flavor for pie pops and cake pops. 



Crisp and airy meringues are $15/dozen.  They can be tinted in any color and finished off with food-safe disco dust for a fun sparkle.  

1 dozen minimum order per color.